Check out @thedodo tomorrow as Daisy takes over their Instagram account for the day!! We will be doing a closeup on how Daisy’s day looks like! 😆 #underbiteunite

One of my many duties include holding the bully stick for Daisy since she can’t hold it herself due to her deformed legs. She’s not complaining though! #iwishsomeonedidthisforme #underbiteunite

Daisy and Tuna meet again! It’s always so exciting to see Tuna!!! We love you💛 #tunameltsmyheart #underbiteunite #tbt #nkla (at NKLA Pet Adoption Center)

Need to get my edumacation. #daisywantstovisityourschool #inviteus! #therapydog #underbiteunite

@toothfairypixie and Daisy are so excited to meet @tunameltsmyheart tomorrow at #NKLA! Anyone else planning to go? #underbiteunite (at NKLA Pet Adoption Center)

Bunny hop! 🐰 Because Daisy’s natural posture puts a lot of pressure on her spine, I don’t let her run too much without the adaptive devices, but when I do, we have so much fun! #underbiteunite #daisyabled

Thank you everyone for the well wishes! Daisy is feeling a little better today and it doesn’t seem like I would need to take her to the vet 😊 #underbiteunite

Daisy isn’t feeling too well today 😰 If her symptoms worsen, I will take her to the vet. She’s taking it easy today and hopefully she can bunny hop/ gallop like usual very soon! 🐰 #underbiteunite #daisyabled

Daisy’s underbite attracts a lot of stuff like magnet. Today, it was a piece of grass and she doesn’t even know it. #underbiteunite

Daisy hopped over to me upset because Mickey took her toy. We have more than enough toys for the both of you, Daisy 😂 #underbiteunite